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Hi, I'm Chris, the editor of The Navalist. I'm going to tell you a little bit more about our vision, and ask you some questions.

What's your first name, so we can have a better conversation?

Well  {{answer_38992287}}, we have a vision here at The Navalist that if we pair your writing skills on naval topics, with our top notch technology, marketing, energy, and desire to challenge and improve today's thinking, this will be an incredible combination.

{{answer_38992287}}, we are putting together one of the top writing teams in the country, and are pulling together authors in all naval related topics from around the world. Would you like to join our ranks? 

Here are some of the benefits:
-Platform focused on YOUR voice and ideas, not generating ad revenue (you'll notice there are no ads on our site)
-proactive marketing and social media work on your behalf
-one of the top naval strategy digital publications in the country, which will include YOUR articles sent to our hundreds of subscribers.
-Access to exclusive Navalist writer's events and opportunities (workshops, debates, happy hours)
-and we think there is more, we hope you'll help us plan it!

So, are you interested in maybe submitting an article? This isn't signing away your first born, we're just hoping you want to become part of the dialogue.

Bummer {{answer_38992287}}! Well, I'd love to chat about this in person with you, because if you've made it this far, you're clearly someone who is thoughtful and should help shape the dialogue. If its ok with you, can I have your email so that we can chat about this a bit more?

Awesome, let's get moving. Like I said, we move fast here at the Navalist. What's your last name?

Ok, one last thing. Can you tell us (really quickly) a little bit more about yourself, and what you're interested? a couple sentences MAX. We'll get back to you, we just want to get started prepping for your first article with us.

{{answer_38992287}}, we are really excited to have you join the Navalist team. We will be in touch shortly with more info. In the mean time, if you already have an article that is ready for submission, hit us up at editor@thenavalist.com. Let's do this!

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Great {{answer_38992287}}, I'll send you a note shortly. In the mean time, make sure you subscribe to Six Bells, our weekly naval news and strategy roundup. You can do so by clicking below. Take care, and talk soon.

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Aw shucks. That's a bummer. 

Well, we tried. Even if you don't write with us, we hope you'll continue to write. We are happy to assist you with editing, EVEN if you aren't publishing with us. We care that strongly about contributing to the bigger dialogue.

Regardless, you should definitely sign up for our weekly naval and strategy newsletter Six Bells. Maybe that will change your mind?

Take care. 

Chris and the Navalist Team
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